Kee's Aquarium offers a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater aquatic life, as well as the equipment, lighting, test kits, additives, and dry goods to maintain everything you desire to design your very own aquarium. With large supplies of major brand name products and hundreds of live species to choose from, you're sure to have a thriving display for all to enjoy.

Nearly one hundred aquariums house a wide variety of exotic fish and plants native to lakes and rivers around the world. You will find everything from small friendly goldfish to large aggressive species such as piranhas and African or South American cichlids. We specialize in live aquarium plants and the products needed to encourage them to grow and flourish.

In our marine department you will be introduced to the fascinating, colorful world of the coral reef. Approximately 1,800 gallons of salt water is home to a wide variety of fish, corals and other inhabitants of the oceans and tidal reefs.

We also have beautiful rock, harvested from the ocean, alive with the natural organisms needed to establish a beautiful reef tank. We will gladly provide all the help you need to start a saltwater aquarium. Questions are always welcomed, and there is always time to discuss problems and share experiences.