Teaching Your Bird to Talk

Teaching Your Bird to Talk

Many people are enamored with a pirate’s parrot that can talk. If you have a bird that is capable, teaching it how to talk can be fun. Here are some tips on encouraging your birds to talk:

Things to consider
Not all bird species can talk and not every single bird that is capable of talking will actually do it. Sometimes it will take a bird a long time before it will even say a word. These things are not to discourage you, they are just to give you reasonable expectations. When you talk to your bird, whether he is capable of it or not, it’s a still great bonding experience.

Getting started

After you’ve done your research to see if you’re species of bird can talk or not, it’s time to start. Consider using very simple words such as hello, goodbye or the bird’s name (unless it’s John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt).

Now that you’ve picked a few key words, repeat them in front of your bird…a lot. When you speak to your bird, be excited. The tone in your voice will either encourage or discourage your bird from being interested in it.

As mentioned, your bird’s ability to talk can range from fairly quickly to never at all. If you feel like trying something different, birds are also known to mimic whistling. Never feel like a failure if something doesn’t work. If it does, you know that you achieved something great for you and your pet.